Facts and fictions of Renaissance architecture

Frank Vigon

st peter's basilica, rome
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Date and time
4 May 2023
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The Renaissance is widely considered to be one of the most fascinating and productive periods in European history. In the domains of philosophy, law, science and art, great strides were made in the pursuit of excellence. The physical and intellectual legacy that this era has left behind is staggering. What could have motivated it?

Historically, the Renaissance bridges the Middle Ages with the Enlightenment. It facilitated the seismic shift from religious feudalism to humanism and rationalism. The distinction between periods, however, may not be as clear cut as people might think.

With a particular focus on the architectural styles of the period, Frank Vigon will question what we’ve come to define as being ‘of the Renaissance’. Can a building be adequately categorised by its style, period or the ethos under which it was built?

Without losing the sense of wonder that these structures elicit, we’ll examine the nature of architectural styles across Europe. We will try to identify the similarities and, more importantly, the differences between the competing power bases.

Join us as we strive to uncover some of the most remarkable testaments to human genius. In doing so, we will come to terms with the socio-historical context from which they emerged.

frank vigon

Frank Vigon

Frank Vigon is former headteacher of an inner-city school and a Media Arts High School, currently acting as an education consultant to teachers and sixth form students. He has a wealth of experience in the education system, from being a teacher to headteacher, governor to lecturer.

With an interest in various fields from Politics, History, Education, Art History, Literature, Cultural Studies and Judaism, Frank Vigon draws from a deep well of knowledge from various disciplines. His many lectures on art, both classical and contemporary, strive to study his subject through a sociological lens.

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