About us

Ideas are the cornerstone of our civilisation. They elevate and inspire us, transport us to new and exciting places, pave the way to progress and possibility.

a group of manchester lit and phil staff and volunteers discussing ideas for talks

At Manchester Lit & Phil, ideas are our currency. We’re here to make you think. And think again. To challenge your opinions, understand the other side of the argument, see the world through a different lens.

Our creatively curated programme of lectures gets under the skin of today’s most pressing issues and stimulating subject matter. Hand-picked, charismatic speakers shed new light on what we’re all talking about and thinking about today — from arts and culture, to politics and philosophy, to science and technology.

You’ll be enlightened and provoked. Entertained and energised. Become part of the conversation. Everyone’s welcome, we love hearing different voices, stories and opinions.

Manchester Lit & Phil has been broadening minds and horizons since 1781. So we’re well practiced, but still always looking forward to discussing the next great idea.

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