Dante’s journey through popular culture

Emma Marigliano

This is a recording of a past event
14 October 2021


2021 was the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death, yet his influence on contemporary artists, designers and film-makers still holds strong.

Is it because Dante had such a deep understanding of the human condition, and verbalised it so imaginatively?  He is most famous for his epic poem, ‘La Commedia’, a testament to his spiritual journey from a place of turmoil to one of safety.  Why have his graphic and painterly descriptions of Inferno influenced so many?

In this richly illustrated talk, Emma Marigliano examines Dante’s wide influence through exploring the work of early film-makers and modern artists, including some rather unexpected examples from the world of advertising.

emma marigliano

Emma Marigliano

Emma Marigliano was the Head Librarian of The Portico Library in Manchester until she retired in 2017.  The Library’s holdings of a mainly 19th century collection stirred her passion for illustrated books.  Since 2014 she has been Chairwoman of the Independent Libraries Association (ILA).

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