The Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society was established in 1781, with the object of promoting the advancement of education and public interest in any form of literature, science, arts or public affairs. It is the first and oldest Literary and Philosophical Society in the World, and the second oldest Learned Society in the United Kingdom. Its past members have included Roget, Dalton, Joule, Fairbairn, Kilburn and Rutherford; it now has about 400 members, mainly in the Manchester area. 


The old library at the Lit & Phil's GeorgeStreet HQ before it was destroyed in WWII bombing



The Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society provides lectures that are funded by member subscriptions, but delivering our lecture programme is very expensive and our subscription income falls a long way short of meeting our annual costs. The shortfall is being covered by interest and capital derived from legacies but this may not be sustainable in the long term.

We therefore ask all non-members who attend lectures to consider making a voluntary donation to help the Society to meet its costs. A minimum amount of £5 per lecture is suggested. 

… or better still, please consider joining the Society


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