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A diverse range of people work together to produce the Manchester Lit & Phil’s programme, including Trustees, professional staff, members and volunteers. Opportunities to work with us are listed below.

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We’ve been broadening minds and horizons since 1781. So we’re well practiced, but still always looking forward to discussing the next great idea. And we’re currently undergoing an exciting transformation to take us into the next 250 years. Are you interested in helping us strive towards the future? See the opportunities below to see what role you could play. We’d love to hear from you.

People ManagerSeptember 2023

We’re currently undergoing an exciting transformation to take us into the next 250 years. The new post of People Manager will play a vital role in the successful completion of that transformation. The ideal candidate for this role will have energy, drive and determination to succeed.

This is a unique opportunity to play a leading role in the evolution of the Manchester Lit & Phil as we strive towards our strategic vision.

To apply

If you are interested in applying for this role, in the first instance please contact the Manchester Lit & Phil’s current President, Ian Cameron, by email:

Please include your CV and a brief note on why you’re interested in playing a vital role at the Manchester Lit & Phil at this very important stage of our journey.

Role Details PDF Apply via email

“It’s gratifying to work with others who understand the need for increased awareness of the mitigation of Climate Change…there’s always something else to consider in contributing to the wider Lit & Phil as well as benefitting from each other’s company, humour and conversation.”

Martin Hunt, Member of Science & Technology committee

“When teaching in a Greater Manchester 11-18 school, I often brought 6th form students to lectures. Attending these events started my conversations with members. My broad interest in science, history and a sustainable future meant I had ideas for lecture programmes, and I’ve been active in the Lit and Phil since!”

Melissa Lord, YP Representative

“I joined the Lit and Phil to better understand topics related to my work and studies, and subsequently discovered the diverse range of other subjects also covered. Every new program brings something original and compelling! I was delighted to join the S&T committee - the members are an informed, lively, and engaging group of people.”

Lesley Roberts, Secretary of Science & Technology committee

“The Lit & Phil promotes everything that might leave a sense of wonder. From joining a committee, you are welcome to share your ideas about what you personally feel to be important for the cause of human knowledge. Along the way, you get to interact with a community of like-minded, curious and interesting people. All in all, it is a treat for the inquisitive.”

Pierre Waugh, Member of Social Philosophy committee
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