Work with us

A diverse range of people work together to produce the Manchester Lit & Phil’s programme, including staff and volunteers. Opportunities to work with us are listed below

group photograph of manchester lit and phil volunteers

Volunteering for us

Volunteer with us and help the Manchester Lit and Phil bring the next great idea to the stage.

Volunteers are essential to what we do and make a really valuable contribution: to event support, devising our programme, and governance.

Everyone’s welcome to apply. We are looking for innovative ways to deliver our activities, reach new audiences and continue our long tradition of presenting all kinds of ideas.  Could you help?

Volunteering for us gives you the chance to join an organisation with a rich history, to make new friends and learn new things.

“It’s gratifying to work with others who understand the need for increased awareness of the mitigation of Climate Change…there’s always something else to consider in contributing to the wider Lit & Phil as well as benefitting from each other’s company, humour and conversation.”

Martin Hunt, Member of Science & Technology committee

“When teaching in a Greater Manchester 11-18 school, I often brought 6th form students to lectures. Attending these events started my conversations with members. My broad interest in science, history and a sustainable future meant I had ideas for lecture programmes, and I’ve been active in the Lit and Phil since!”

Melissa Lord, YP Representative

“I joined the Lit and Phil to better understand topics related to my work and studies, and subsequently discovered the diverse range of other subjects also covered. Every new program brings something original and compelling! I was delighted to join the S&T committee - the members are an informed, lively, and engaging group of people.”

Lesley Roberts, Secretary of Science & Technology committee

“The Lit & Phil promotes everything that might leave a sense of wonder. From joining a committee, you are welcome to share your ideas about what you personally feel to be important for the cause of human knowledge. Along the way, you get to interact with a community of like-minded, curious and interesting people. All in all, it is a treat for the inquisitive.”

Pierre Waugh, Member of Social Philosophy committee
Trustee (Council Member)September 2022

If you’re as interested in sharing ideas and broadening horizons as we are, then get on board. Literally! We are looking for young and enthusiastic individuals to join the Society’s Council, and play a key role in developing our offer and growing our reach.

You will be part of a team making key strategic decisions in a stimulating environment. You’ll have the opportunity to develop your skills and experience and grow your professional networks. Become a trustee for the Manchester Lit and Phil and be an important part of our new chapter.

Key responsibilities
  • Attend and contribute to Council meetings and the Annual General Meeting.
  • Play an important role in the future direction of the Lit & Phil.
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Welcome and check-in volunteer (events)September 2022

Meet fascinating people and get free access to our enlightening events? Surely it’s a win-win. You too can become an integral part of our Society’s new chapter by simply welcoming and registering our attendees before our lectures and debates. It’s an easy way to expand your network and get access to the thought-leaders of the day.

Key responsibilities
  • Warmly welcome event attendees and seamlessly check them in using the Eventbrite app.
  • Answer any questions attendees may have about the event and the Manchester Lit and Phil, promoting membership.
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Schools Network VolunteerSeptember 2022

Join us on our mission to deliver knowledge and ideas to young and curious minds across Greater Manchester! You can make a direct impact and contribution by promoting our fascinating lectures and workshops to students. Fast-track their formative years, and open young minds to new career possibilities.

Key responsibilities
  • Identify schools and teachers across Greater Manchester that could be interested in promoting Lit & Phil events to students.
  • Help us to develop engaging marketing materials to help us promote our events to schools/colleges and teachers.
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