5th September 2016, 3:00pm

In September 1766, John was born in Eaglesfield, the son of a village weaver. He became a world famous scientist, particularly for his work in developing atomic theory, but also for developing the science of meteorology and the understanding of colour blindness. September 2016 is the 250th anniversary of John's birth. The Civic Trust feels that this is an anniversary to celebrate and invites you to attend a number of activities in linked events in both Eaglesfield and Cockermouth over the Heritage Open Days Weekend.

Friday Sept 9th 6.30pm to 7.30pm


Sat Sept 10th 10am to 4pm Kirkgate Centre

Exhibition on the Life & Work of John Dalton Cockermouth Heritage Group is holding an exhibition on the life & work of John Dalton in the Egremont Room of the Kirkgate Centre. This exhibition will also form part of the Heritage Group Summer Exhibition during August.

Organised by Cockermouth Heritage Group

Friday Sept 9th 7.30pm

Kirkgate Centre

Tickets available in advance from the Kirkgate Centre

admission free

A lecture on 'John Dalton, A Cumbrian Philosopher' by Thomas Fletcher Smith, based on his book of the same title.  Dr Tom Smith will tell the story of the man behind the science, a man generally thought to be a Mancunian, as this is where he lived and worked as an adult, but whose heart always belonged to the Land of the Lakes.

Tom Smith is a Cumbrian and a retired Chemist, who started his working life at Sellafield, obtained his PhD in Manchester and spent more than 45 years in the chemical and allied industries.

Organised by Cockermouth & District Civic Trust

Sat Sept 10th 9am to 11am

Eco Centre

Cockermouth School

History of Science Teaching since John Dalton's Time

Science teaching has changed dramatically since John Dalton learnt Science 250 years ago. The exhibition looks at the evolution of the science curriculum, teaching methods, student teacher relationships and technology in the classroom to compare Dalton's Science learning to that of Cockermouth School pupils today.

The exhibition will be put together by the students at the school and will be displayed in the modern Eco Centre.

Organised by the Science Dept, Cockermouth School

Sat Sept 10th 10am & 12.30pm

Starting in Old Kings Arms Lane

(return transport available)

Walk the John Dalton Way to Eaglesfield

The Nuclear Striders Walking Group have created a new 45km walk in celebration of John Dalton 250. It is called the 'John Dalton Way'. It starts in Old Kings Arms Lane, Cockermouth, passes through Eaglesfield & continues to Seascale, passing Calder Hall, the first commercial atomic power station. A guide book is available. For John Dalton 250, there will be 2 guided walks along the first 6km of the trail to Eaglesfield. Families welcome.

Organised by the Nuclear Striders Walking Group

Sat Sept 10th 10am to 4pm

Eaglesfield Village Hall 

(transport between Cockermouth & Eaglesfield available)

Historic Eaglesfield & John Dalton Exhibition, - and light refreshments.

The exhibition will include:

- An exhibition of John Dalton's Life, including portraits of John Dalton

- A print of the section of the Quaker Tapestry depicting John Dalton and peers

- Historical photographs of Eaglesfield

- Video loop of runners running the John Dalton Way

Organised by Eaglesfield Village Hall Committee

Sat Sept 10th 10am to 4pm

Obtain leaflet from Eaglesfield Village Hall

(transport from Cockermouth available)

Self guided walking tour of Historic Eaglesfield

A circular 1 mile route featuring buildings such as the John Dalton Cottage, the Friends Meeting House and other 18th  & early 19th  century properties. Information posters will be displayed on route relating to individual properties.  Occasional gardens will be open for access.

For families, an additional quiz sheet will be available for children to complete along the same tour route.

Organised by Eaglesfield Village Hall Committee

Sat Sept 10th Church Open 10am to 4.30pm

(short visits available on return bus)

John Dalton Memorial Church

The 1891 church is dedicated to St Philip and St James the Less. It was also named the 'John Dalton Memorial Church' in recognition of the fact that this eminent scientist was born within the parish & there is a commemorative plaque. Inside, there are some beautiful carvings done by Deaconess Sewel, a local woman.

Organised by St Philips & St James Church

Sat Sept 10th

Departs Bush Hotel, C'mouth: On hour from 10am to 4pm

Departs Village Hall, E'field twenty past hour 10.20am to 4.20pm

Transport between Cockermouth & Eaglesfield by Vintage Bus

A bus service is being provided so that people can attend Heritage Open Day events in both Cockermouth and Eaglesfield, or can return to Cockermouth after completing one of the Heritage Open Day guided walks on the 'John Dalton Way' from Cockermouth to Eaglesfield. On the return journey, there will be a 10 minute stop to view the John Dalton Memorial Church.

Provided by Workington Transport Heritage Trust

Other Heritage Open Days activities in Cockermouth are in the Cockermouth HODS booklet & on www.heritageopendays.org.uk. These include Isel Hall, Banks Ironmongers, Percy House, Masonic Hall, Cockermouth Castle & an exhibit on the Quaker response to the Military Service Act, 1916.