The Changing Arctic And Its Global Consequences

Professor Dr. Dr. H.C. Terry V Callaghan CMG

The Arctic is changing rapidly because of climate change and globalisation. Increasingly, the two aspects are linked and changes in the Arctic’s environment are accelerating....


3rd November 2020, 6:30pm

21st Century Telescopes

Professor Michael Merrifield

Astronomical discoveries and the development of technology have always gone hand in hand. Only a few years after its invention, Galileo was already using the telescope to revolutionise our view of the universe...

19th November 2020, 6:30pm

Cloudy with a Chance of Pain

Professor Will Dixon

Approximately 75% of people with long-term pain conditions, such as arthritis, believe weather affects their pain.  Many report pain is made worse by the cold.  Others report pain is made worse by the warm.  And others report damp or rainy weather aggravates pain.

1st December 2020, 6:30pm