Russia's Place in the World

Bridget Kendall

One hundred years ago, Russia shocked the world when it swept away centuries of tsarist autocracy and replaced it with a revolutionary regime which was to usher in over seventy years of one party Communist rule. In 1991 it stunned the world again when Soviet Communism collapsed and a new Russian state was born. Throughout this time and still today, Russia’s relations with its European neighbours have waxed and waned. At times it has been an ally of the West, at times seen as a threat. So how are we to understand  Russia’s place in the world?

19th March 2018, 7:00pm

Tuning in and Talking: how parents can influence their children's language development

Professor Julian Pine

This lecture will focus on how parents can influence their children's language development by tuning into what they are interested in and talking about it. It will begin by discussing research which shows that parents...

25th January 2018, 7:00pm

Lit & Phil Museums: the role of Learned Societies in the creations of museums in Britain, especially in the North West

Anthony Burton

The history of local museums in England is usually regarded as starting with William Ewart’s Museum Acts of 1845 and 1850, which permitted local authorities to subsidise museums from local rates. Before this, however...

30th January 2018, 7:00pm

Railway Engineering – Yesterday and Today

Dr Michael Bailey, MBE

The much-publicised planning activities for the first phase of the ‘High Speed 2’ railway line between London and Birmingham prompt comparison with those of the Victorian era line between the same two cities. The requirements for surveying and selecting a route are much the same today as in the 1830s, except...

6th February 2018, 7:00pm

Cell in Life – good and bad!

Professor Kevin Ryan

It seems natural to think that the cells in our body are programmed to survive for as long as they are required. Our existence and our health, however, are based on a fine balance between cell growth and cell death. From the very beginning...

12th February 2018, 7:00pm

In the Beginning was the Word – singing the poet's song in a foreign land

Dr Derek McCulloch & Café Mozart

In 1781, a date of some significance for the Lit & Phil, Joseph Haydn published his first set of songs in Vienna. These were published in London soon after, in 1786, by the respected composer William Shield, set to English words. Haydn's second set...

1st March 2018, 7:00pm