Young People's

Earthrise: the first views of Earth from space

Dr Robert Poole
24th April 2018, 7:00pm
Manchester Conference Centre (Sackville Street)

Fifty years ago humans saw the whole Earth from the outside for the first time: the crew of Apollo 8, who orbited the Moon at Christmas 1968. The sight of the Earth rising over the lunar surface took them by surprise but the photo they took, now known to the world as ‘Earthrise’, marks a landmark in human history. Four years later the last Apollo mission took another famous photo of the whole Earth, the ‘Blue Marble’ photo, possibly the most widely reproduced image in History. Their impact at the time was profound, for they allowed people to realise the dream of ancient philosophers: to leave the Earth, look back upon it, and see it as it truly was. Space enthusiasts had expected that once people could see for themselves that the Earth was a planet, they would understand that man’s destiny lay in travel to other planets. In fact the sight of the whole Earth helped to kick-start the environmental movement, by showing people a planet that was beautiful, self-contained, unique, alone, and alive. The true legacy of the Apollo programme was environmental awareness.

The talk will be liberally illustrated with images from the NASA archives and beyond.

Discounted copies of Robert Poole’s book Earthrise will be on sale at the event.


About the Speaker

Robert Poole is Guild Research Fellow and Reader in History at the University of Central Lancashire, and an Associate of the Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of Manchester. His book Earthrise: how man first saw the Earth, published by Yale in 2008, has been described as ‘a fascinating alternative history of the space age’, and ‘almost as inspirational as the photographs themselves.’


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