Watch again - What Drives Russia To Confront The West?

In the 1990s, the Berlin Wall fell and the Cold War thawed. Since then, the geopolitical landscape has changed dramatically—but why are Russia and the West once again locking horns? What are the driving factors behind the tension?

To answer these questions, the Manchester Lit & Phil was joined by Keir Giles for his talk 'What Drives Russia To Confront The West?'. Keir Giles argues that the current attitude taken by Russia—and its behaviour on the international stage—is nothing new. Russian leaders from the czars to Vladimir Putin have followed a consistent internal logic when dealing with their own country and the world outside. Russia's recent behaviour is just a regression to the mean.

Before watching the lecture, it is recommended that you read our Q&A session with Keir. You can access that by clicking here. In the Q&A he draws upon his scholastic experience with Russia, as well as suggesting further reading on the topic. For Keir's own bibligoraphy, you can click here.

You can also find Keir Giles on Twitter.

The session features a lively Q&A and there are a number of polls that the audience could interact with during the session.