Watch again: Recordings of past lectures


This 2021-2022 season, we are recording as many of our lecture events as possible to ensure that our members don't miss out if they are unable to attend or watch live on the night.


NB Digital recordings of our lecture events are available to view by members only.  We have a number of membership types available - for example, Digital membership costs just £5.00 per month.

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22nd June 2022 - 'Looking Inside Volcanoes' presented by Professor Christopher Jackson (S&T)

13th June 2022 - 'Tagore and his Works' presented by Professor Bashabi Fraser CBE (Arts)

26th May 2022 - 'Climate Change: The Urgency for Action Now' presented by Professor Sir David King (S&T)

17th May 2022 - 'Through the Looking-Glass, and what Amino Acids Found There' presented by Professor Kirsty Penkman (S&T)

11th May 2022 - 'Are we losing the ability to practice free speech?' presented by Dr John Roberts (Social Philosophy)

3rd May 2022 - 'The Creative Space' presented by Michael Williams (Arts)



5th April 2022 - 'Reading your DNA: What can it tell us?' presented by Professor Sir Shankar Balasubramanian (S&T)

30th March 2022 - "The Future of the High Street" presented by Sir John Timpson (Social Philosophy)

23rd March 2022 - "We Can Choose Our Future" presented by Professor Alice Larkin (Young People's)

15th March 2022 - "Manchester Voices - exploring the accents, dialects and identities of people in Greater Manchester" presented by Dr Rob Drummond (Council)

7th March 2022 - "The Fairfield Moravian Settlement - Architecture and History" presented by Janet Warr (Social Philosophy)

1st March 2022 - "Artifical Intelligence: Myths and Realities" presented by Professor Gavin Brown (S&T)

24th February 2022 - "I danced here on other peoples' dreams" presented by Professor Gary Younge (Young People's)

17th February 2022 - Legacy of Empire - How Imperialism has shaped modern Britain presented by Sathnam Sanghera FRSL in conversation with Dr Michael Taylor (Council)

7th February 2022 - Social Media Addiction presented by Dr Daria Kuss (Social Philosophy)

2nd February 2022 - "I heard the news today... and thought..." presented by Beth Hewitt, Professor Seamus Simpson and Philo Holland (Young People's)

25th January 2022 - Slavery and Manchester in the Fight for Abolition presented by Dr Michael Taylor (Arts)



7th December 2021 - Scorpions and Raffles - A Historical Perspective on Social Responsibility for Public Health presented by Professor Sally Sheard (Council)

30th November 2021 - Greater Manchester's Plans for Homes, Jobs, and the Environment Over the Next 20 Years presented by City Mayor Paul Dennett (Young People's)

23rd November 2021 - A Living Cathedral presented by Dean Rogers Govender (Cathedral series)

17th November 2021 - The Beginnings of Shakespeare - New Finds and Fresh Thoughts presented by Professor Michael Wood (Social Philosophy)

10th November 2021 - Engineering Bubbles for Targeted Drug Delivery presented by Professor Eleanor Stride (S&T)

26th October 2021 - Lessons from Medieval Science, and Science-Theology Today presented Professor Tom McLeish FRS (Cathedral series)

14th October 2021 - Dante’s Journey Through Popular Culture presented by Emma Marigliano (Arts)

6th October 2021 - From Sickle Cell to Seacole - In Conversation with Professor Dame Elizabeth Anionwu (Social Philosophy) 

27th September 2021 - The Tiny Spacecraft Revolution presented by Professor Craig Underwood (S&T)

15th September 2021Life in a City of Business, Noise and Strangers: Work, Family and Faith in Industrial Revolution Manchester presented by Professor Hannah Barker (Cathedral series)