Watch again - Interesting Times, Interesting People

From Cemeteries and sewers, to theatres; St Pancras Station in London, to the “windy city”. Mike Higginbottom’s lecture programme offers a diverse, informative and entertaining look at social and architectural history. His lectures are packed with entertaining facts and stories, and his dry sense of humour makes his talks appealing to all audiences.


Mike’s history work focuses on country houses, towns and cities, and transport. He specialises in particular aspects of Victorian and twentieth-century history. Themes include: ‘Fun Palaces: the history and architecture of the entertainment industry’; and ‘Cemeteries and Sewerage: the Victorian pursuit of cleanliness’. His experience of running tours has provided a rich collection of encounters with people and places. And his stories illustrate the many ways in which visiting places can be both educational and enjoyable.


In conversation with Council member Joanna Lavelle, Mike explains what drew him to the different topics; and chats about some of the more memorable experiences he has encountered.


The first video is a recording of Mike's discussion with Joanna and the second one is the recording of the Live Q&A session.



Interesting Times, Interesting People - the discussion


Interesting Times, Interesting People - the Q&A