Watch again - The Challenges And Opportunities Of An Ageing Population

From low-mortality rates to a decline in fertility, how is society changing in corollary to our ageing population? Is the 21st Century the last century of youth?

Professor George Leeson is Director of the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing at the University of Oxford and Senior Research Fellow in Demography at the University of Oxford. In January, he joined us at the Manchester Lit & Phil to deliver his talk ‘The Challenges And Opportunities Of An Ageing Population’.

In the lecture, Professor Leeson builds upon his extensive specialist research into the socio-demographic phenomenon, analysing the implicit consequences and future challenges. His research interests are in the socio-economic-demographic aspects of ageing populations and he is responsible for Oxford's Global Ageing Survey carried out in three waves in more than 20 countries and including approximately 45,000 persons aged 40-79 years.