Reducing your Carbon Footprint – Effective Carbon Offset

Climate Change Working Group

This is a recording of a past event
17 June 2024


This is a recording of an online seminar that explains how you can offset your own personal carbon footprint, both ineffectively and effectively.

It begins with an introduction to the carbon offset methods available to the public and their efficacy.

After the introduction, Dr Jan Huckfeldt, Chief Commercial Officer of Climeworks, the largest Direct Air Capture (DAC) organisation on the planet, gives a presentation. Jan describes the role that atmospheric CO2 (the largest greenhouse gas contributor to anthropogenic climate change) plays in climate change. He explains the reality of what this really means, and the science and practice of DAC on the journey to scale the operation to gigatonne capability.  There is also a discussion on the economic challenges that have to be overcome.

Maybe you want to know more about ‘greenwash’? Or better understand the relative scale of the challenge we face to restore atmospheric levels of CO2 to what is considered a safe level.  Whatever your interest, watching this seminar with give you an understanding of what you can do in reality to correct excess levels of CO2 that is already present in the atmosphere.

jan huckfeldt

Dr Jan Huckfeldt

­Jan Huckfeldt has broad industry experience in senior executive roles at Procter & Gamble, Lenovo, Motorola and Hewlett Packard and is now Chief Commercial Officer at Climeworks Ltd. He was Chairman of the Advisory Board at Ledger providing insight into FINTECH, blockchain technologies and tech startups.  He was founder of Consulting start-ups, NewNow Group and MarQ Consulting.

Jan holds a PhD in Polymer Chemistry and is a regular guest speaker at Cambridge Judge Business School and ESCP Europe a.o.   Recognition awards include the Lenovo Leadership Excellence Award (2017) and CMO of the year (2017, The CMO Club).

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