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  • 31 January 2024

Message from our President – February 2024

Peter Wright

peter wright manchester lit and phil president

February 2024


Welcome to this month’s newsletter. We are well into 2024, and I hope your year has started positively.

Our theme for this term is the environment. Two events – both happening online – are showcased in the newsletter, and our complete program is available on the website. Alongside these events, the ever-popular Philosophy Forum will occur during most months in 2024.

Those of you who booked tickets will know that due to a late change to his itinerary, we had to postpone our event with Andy Burnham. I want to thank everyone who worked on setting up the event. It sold out a larger venue in 48 hours. This is an excellent indication that we can increase our event participation.

If you attended last year’s AGM in September 2023, or read the supporting documents, you will know that Manchester Lit & Phil is facing several challenges. Without going into too much detail in this post, they can be summarized as static event attendances, awareness of who we are and what we offer, and an imbalance in our income and costs.

Several behind-the-scenes changes have occurred over the last few months to start addressing these issues. The most visible to this audience is the theme selection for each term. We have also reviewed our operating model, supplier relationships, and marketing and partnership opportunities.

As you will see from the newsletter, we have moved our office location. This change was planned but was hastened by Colony’s changes to our old location infrastructure.

The next set of decisions will broadly impact our membership; therefore, we must engage and consult with our entire membership.

Currently, our monthly e-newsletter is sent to all mailing list subscribers – not just Lit & members – and its primary aim is to showcase future events and keep people aware of changes in the Society that are of general interest.

To keep the membership informed, we will launch an additional member’s newsletter, issued regularly and topic-focused. This will also be accompanied by a set of online and face-to-face meetings to allow the issues and potential solutions to be explained and explored before their adoption. These sessions will occur over the next three months as we prepare the budget and operating plan for the 24/25 year. The nature and timing of these will be communicated in more detail in the next two weeks.

I invite anyone on the mailing list who is not yet a member but would like to help support the Society and be involved in its evolution to sign up. Members are key to our success, and new perspectives and ideas are always welcome.

Thank you for your continued support. I look forward to seeing you at one of the upcoming events.


Peter Wright 


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