David Higginson, President of the Society 2009-2011

Dr Susan Hilton

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We were very sad to hear of the recent death of David Higginson. He passed away peacefully on 7 March, in hospital, after being unwell for the past few months. We only heard the news the day after his funeral (which was on 15 April) but I have spoken at length with his sister Margaret, who reported that it had been a very dignified service, which celebrated his long and full life.

David joined the Lit & Phil in 1989 and was a very regular attender, always asking at least one question at talks! He had a successful career as a lawyer in Manchester, and a wide range of interests. He served as President from 2009-2011.

Covid, then increasing frailty prevented him attending much over the last few years, but he maintained a lively interest in the Lit & Phil events. He will be much missed.


Dr Susan Hilton

22 April 2024

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