11th March 2021, 9:30am


New Online Theatre Group


Here's a message from Arts Committee and Council Member, Joanna Lavelle - 


Dear all,

One of the popular activities we enjoyed when we were able to meet together in person was the opportunity to see a play together and discuss the issues raised during the play.  We have had a suggestion from member Manju Ghosh that we set something similar in our new virtual world.  So what is proposed below is a trial to see how much interest there is in such an idea.  If it proves to be popular we can extend this to include the National Theatre productions (Uncle Vanya is CURRENTLY available FREE on BBC iPlayer) and/or we could include films.


The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde



The Octagon, Bolton, has announced a new and modern production of The Picture of Dorian Grey based on the novel by Oscar Wilde.  The book caused great controversy at the time it was written.  Wilde wrote that, There is no such thing as an immoral book.  Books are well written or badly written that is all”.  Despite Wilde’s confident assertions the book scandalised Victorian England and was used as evidence against him when he was tried and convicted in 1895 on charges related to homosexuality. (ref Brittannica.com).

This production has a “stellar” cast including: Stephen Fry; Joanna Lumley and Russell Tovey. Tickets cost £12.00.


How to join the Manchester Lit and Phil Online Theatre Group

  1.  Book your ticket directly with the Octagon.  Watch the play between Saturday 20th March and Monday 22nd March. 
  2. Reserve a place in the Lit and Phil AfterWords discussion group on Tuesday 23rd March at 3.00 pm.  To book a place send an email to manlitandphilsocials@gmail.com


If you have questions please contact Joanna or John on manlitandphilsocials@gmail.com (not the Manchester Lit and Phil office).


We hope to see you there,
Joanna Lavelle on behalf of the Arts Theatre Group


Main Image: Kilyan Sockalingum on Unsplash