5th May 2020, 5:00pm

Lockdown continues, and I firstly want to wish all members and their families best wishes from the Lit & Phil, with the hope that you are keeping safe and well, however limited you are as regards your ability to get away from your home.  There is so much help available to those who must self-isolate, and if you are, then do not hesitate to tap into your local community.  I know that I have discovered some amazing new contacts during these troubled times, especially from some neighbours with whom I have hardly ever spoken.  The atmosphere on Thursday evenings when we all go out and clap for the NHS has been very heart-warming too.

Here at the Lit & Phil, please be aware that there are many activities going on.  Our professional staff, Rachel and Aude, are working from home, and remain very busy with organising the eLit&Phil programme, the Forum, and the online events currently being planned (please look out for further details).  We are also contacting all of our booked speakers for this term and the next, to see if they may be able to deliver their talks in this way.  We are trialling methods of doing this as easily and effectively as we can, so do read all the communications we send to you.  We are also putting together a robust strategy for the different scenarios as we gradually come out of lockdown, however long that may take.  The needs of those members who are not online, and for those who have technical difficulties accessing online events are also being addressed – so, please stay with us!

The importance of social interaction is acutely felt, of course, by all of us.  Personally, I have really missed meeting up with so many people at the regular Lit & Phil events.  And the ‘virtual hugs’ with my family, and especially our little grandson, are not quite the same as the real thing!  However, there are so many ways of keeping in touch – the good old phone call, the opportunities via a mobile phone, and the computer/tablet have been excellent, and there has been a steep learning curve in the Hilton household with the latter, which I am sure has been replicated amongst many of you.  Do stay in touch via email and by phone and continue to send us any ideas you may have about current and future Lit & Phil activities. 


Best wishes,

Dr Susan Hilton, President