20th April 2020, 9:15am


Greetings to all our members, and all others who are taking a look at what the Manchester Lit & Phil are getting up to during the lockdown!  Sadly we have had to postpone or cancel all our meetings and events for this summer term, but we still aim to provide some intellectual stimulation during this period, and I strongly commend our new e-programme series, compiled by members along with our very imaginative and creative staff Rachel and Aude (both of whom are working from home for now).  Be reassured that much is happening behind the scenes, and many of us have managed to come to terms with ‘virtual’ meetings – not quite the same as seeing each other in person, but just as effective for discussions, and decisions.

I also hope that you are all keeping safe and well, despite the significant limitations on our daily lives.  If you are able, do get out for your hour’s exercise, at whatever pace suits you.  For those who have to stay at home for health and age reasons, then there is so much extra online.  Please visit the online forum for a list of some of the resources you can now access, such as online ‘virtual’ exhibitions, music, along with your mental and physical health - for instance



Do feel free to make additional suggestions to add to the list on the forum.  Of course, many of us will be picking up the books we were always aiming to read but did not have so much spare time!

As far as the future events go, after this summer, we are actively planning a full series of our lectures but will be reviewing the situation week by week.  We are also trying to organise some lectures/discussions for this term, which can be accessed online and shall let you know as and when we make progress with these.


Best wishes

Dr Susan Hilton, President