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The Lit & Phil has a small collection of publications and artefacts which constitute the library, as well as holding the complete set of the Society's Memoirs and Proceedings. If you have any queries about the collection or wish to come and view particular items for research, please contact the office.

The Society has published a number of works, including collections of Dalton’s manuscripts and the Manchester Memoirs, which have been published continuously since 1783. At the time of its launch, the Memoirs represented the only regular scientific journal in the United Kingdom except for the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society.

Members receive a yearly copy of the Memoirs, though they are also available for non-members to purchase. A great deal of the original Memoirs have been digitally archived and can be found online:



We also have a printed index of the Memoirs covering 1785 until 1998.


Card Index of Past Members


18th August 2021 - Please note that following a technical issue the Card Index is currently unavailable. We are working to fix this as soon as possible.


As of 2016, the card index has complete entries from letters A through to G, and partial entries that are limited to names and dates from ‘H’ onward. The index covers membership from 1781 to approximately 1979. The details of members who have joined before 1979 but who are still active members have been omitted. There are around 3000 entries currently on the database.

Before using the Card Index, here are some things to be aware of:

• Usually if an election date is listed as [year/01/01] it is referring to the year of election only. For example, if a date is listed as 1854/01/01 it means that the person was elected sometime in 1854 and not necessarily on the first of January.

• Titles have been written using standardised abbreviations, which should hopefully be fairly simple to understand. For example ‘Prof’ refers to ‘Professor’, ‘Lt Gen’ refers to ‘Lieutenant General’ etc. Sometimes, when the record has only indicated a person’s initials, the title of Mr, Mrs or Miss has been included where available.

• Educational institutes have also been abbreviated within the notes section, with ‘Coll’ referring to ‘College’ and ‘Uni’ referring to ‘University’.

• Lists of Society publications have been limited to 5 – 10 entries. If a member has over 10 publications, then this will be indicated at the bottom of that list. If you would like a complete index of works for any past member of the Society please contact the office.

• Due to restrictions in the notes section may not contain all of the information that is on the original card but only feature information that was felt to be most relevant.

• There is currently no search function for the index.

Access the Card Index here


Other Archives


The library includes a printed card index of lecturers who have delivered presentations to the Society between 1960 to 2015. There are also collections of old printed Programmes and Newsletters from 1945 and 1984 respectively. If you wish to access any of these archives, please contact the office with your query and a visit can be arranged.