Science & Technology

What We Need To Do Now

Chris Goodall
Monday, 7 September 2020 - 6:00pm


How do we move from today’s society, still largely reliant on fossil fuels, to a world with zero carbon emissions?  And, as pertinently, how do we do this without exacerbating today’s problems of inequality and social dysfunction?  In this online event to open the Manchester Lit & Phil's Autumn season, Chris Goodall will put forward a set of concrete proposals to shift the UK away from oil and gas and to decarbonise the other high-emitting sectors of the economy, such as agriculture.  Taken together, they provide the outlines of a healthier, more equal society available to us at limited cost.



About the Speaker

Chris Goodall writes books on the energy transition and works as a businessperson in the low carbon economy.

Until 2019, he chaired ChargePoint Services, one of the UK’s largest EV charging businesses, sold to the French multinational Engie. He is an angel investor in companies as diverse as Switchee, which develops and installs smart thermostats and Oxwash, the world’s first zero carbon commercial laundry.

His books have won awards and commendations. What We Need To Do Now, published in February, was described by the Financial Times as ‘granular and focused’. He also sends out a weekly free newsletter which tries to communicate a sense that the world has the technology to bridge to a zero-carbon future. All that is lacking in the confidence to take the obvious opportunities available to us.

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