These Boots Are Made For Walking – We Invented the Weekend

Guest panel discussion

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This is a past event
Date and time
16 June 2024
11.00 - 11.40 am

Talks Stage on The Lawn

FREE and no need to book


Walking or hiking are highly popular with many in Greater Manchester. Surrounded by hills in all directions, it’s no wonder.

The hobby has undergone a massive resurgence in recent years with large numbers of us heading to the countryside on weekends to spend time in nature or explore the city on foot. What do we get out of walking?

While walking and access to nature are, in theory, free, are they spaces we all feel able to access?

Has the rise in working from home seen less people engaging in active travel?

Is the rapid increase in younger people hiking driven by the ‘gorp core’ or ‘granola girl’ aesthetic, a product of lockdowns, or something else?

We explore these topics and more with Ebony Hikers, Girls Who Walk Manchester, and GM Moving, hosted by outdoor industry creative Neil Summers.

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