Social Philosophy

"A Tale of Two Districts": Criminological Ethnography then and now

Emma Kelly
25th May 2017, 7:00pm

This lecture will look at what Criminologists do as research, and how criminological research is undertaken.  Looking at the history of criminology as an academic enterprise, it will show how criminologists and particularly qualitative criminologists do research. It begins with a consideration of the history of criminological ethnography (a form of immersed sociological study where the researcher joins a different, unfamiliar world) from its use in early American studies undertaken in Chicago to its use to study crime in the present day.


Specifically, while it will consider this method as it is used and practiced by telling both the philosophical and literary history of this form of study, it will show its application in the present and reflect on how the author has employed this research method and brought it up to date for her own criminological, ethnographic work on youth crime and youth 'gangs' in the Republic of Ireland.

About the Speaker

Emma Kelly is the Director of Criminology, Policing, Investigation and Security Studies at Birmingham City University


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