Social Philosophy

Psychological Well-Being at Work: why it matters and how to improve it

Professor Ivan Robertson
Thursday, 21 November 2019 - 7:00pm


There is increasing interest in mental health throughout society.  There is also a greater freedom in discussing mental health issues and, in some cases, being explicit about personal experiences.  For most people of working age their experiences in the workplace have a significant influence on their overall levels of psychological well-being.  Work-related positive and negative influences on psychological well-being are much less apparent than factors that affect physical health and even for well-intentioned managers it may be hard to grasp the key drivers of well-being at work.

 Professor Robertson’s presentation will cover three main areas:

   · the role of psychological well-being in physical health, individual performance and organizational outcomes and why enhanced psychological well-being is win-win for individuals and organizations;

   · the factors that influence psychological well-being at work, including workplace stressors, personal factors, management and leadership;

   · interventions that can be used to protect and improve psychological well-being to help people have more good days at work.


About the speaker

Professor Robertson is co-founder (with Sir Cary Cooper) of Robertson Cooper Ltd..  The company provides psychological well-being and engagement solutions to organizations and its goal is to help as many people as possible to have a good day at work.  Ivan Robertson was at the University of Manchester (UMIST) for over twenty years where he was Professor of Work and Organizational Psychology, Head of Manchester School of Management and Pro-Vice Chancellor.  He is now Emeritus Professor at the university and has worked on consulting assignments across all sectors of the economy and across the world. Professor Robertson has published over forty books on Work and Organizational Psychology and over 200 scholarly articles/conference papers.  He has held visiting posts in the USA, Singapore and Australia and is in the top two per cent of most influential psychologists in his field (Aguinis et al., 2017).  Professor Robertson's latest (co-authored) books are Well-Being: Happiness and Productivity at Work (2nd edition, 2017), Work Psychology (7th edition, 2016) and Management and Happiness (2013).



UPDATE to supper details 21/11/2019:

As final numbers have now been been confirmed with the venue, 'lecture and supper' tickets are no longer available.




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