Science & Technology

The Mersey Gateway – a link to the Northern Powerhouse

Alan Segrott
4th December 2017, 7:00pm

The Mersey Gateway is a critical £600 million investment into the transport infrastructure of the North West. At its centre is the landmark Mersey Gateway bridge, a world class 3 tower cable stay bridge.

This talk will begin with a brief overview of how bridge design and construction has evolved through the ages, before focussing on the Mersey Gateway. We will then explore the project's inception, describing the need for the scheme and the different options that were considered before the final solution was arrived upon. The social and economic benefits of the project will also be described. The presentation will then focus on the engineering challenges that were overcome, including location constraints, such as mitigating the impact on the Manchester ship canal, and managing the contaminated ground conditions caused by the site's industrial heritage. Special emphasis will then be given to explaining the construction processes and the technology used to build this ‘once in a generation’ civil engineering project.


Image: © David Hunter, 2017

About the Speaker

Alan Segrott BEng CEng MICE is the Project Bridge Engineer for Merseylink Limited, the company responsible for the design, construction and the operation of the project for the 26 year concession period. He is a Chartered Civil Engineer with a wealth of experience in the construction of major bridge projects, including the new Queensferry Crossing, the Clackmannanshire Bridge and Cathaleen's Falls Bridge in Eire.


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