Star Lecture

Manchester Airport: an economic powerhouse

Adam Jupp
Monday, 19 June 2017 - 7:00pm

To many, airports are simply an entry and exit point to and from a country and somewhere they pass through as they travel on holiday. While Manchester Airport is just that, it is also a lot more. The lecture will explore how the airport's unique ownership structure has delivered significant benefits to the region over the years and the role it plays in driving skills and employment. It will also look at the link between international connectivity and economic growth and how the growth in routes available at Manchester Airport has made not just the city, but the wider North, more competitive on the global stage, providing a boost to tourism sites, individual businesses and universities.

About the Speaker

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Kenneth O'Toole is now unable to give the lecture. Instead the Head of External Affairs at Manchester Airport, Adam Jupp, will be giving the lecture.

Before joining Manchester Airport,  Adam moved from his native north-east to work for the Manchester Evening News as head of business, a role in which he oversaw all of MENMedia's business coverage, including Greater Manchester Business Week, the business pages of the MEN and its online content. Previous to this Adam was chief reporter for the Newcastle Chronicle and Journal.




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