Social Philosophy

An Introduction to Non-verbal Communication in Human Interaction

Dorothea Kazounis
12th April 2016, 8:00pm

In her talk Dorothea will explore and discuss with the audience :

  • What is meant by non- verbal communication and how much of our communication is non-verbal
  • How and when we acquire these skills of non-verbal communication and whether these skills vary according to different factors such as age, gender and other circumstances
  • How we are constantly communicating in the presence of other people even though we are not speaking, and think we are not communicating
  • The role of non-verbal communication in the total communication system and why it is important.

About the Speaker

Dorothea has had a varied career working in business and academic environments, both in the UK and in Greece (Athens and Crete). She established and ran an English Language School and worked for many years with the British Council in Athens teaching English as a Foreign Language to Greek adults and English for Specific Purposes to Greek civil servants. In Crete she taught English for legal and medical purposes to groups of lawyers and doctors. Cross-cultural non-verbal communication was an integral part of these language courses.

On returning to the UK Dorothea worked at the University of Sheffield as a tutor on a wide range of courses including Linguistics, Cross-cultural Communication and Literacy Skills, Non-verbal Communication and Intercultural Awareness to both English and visiting foreign students, as well as delivering workshops on Interpersonal Communication Skills, Time Management, Presentation Skills and other areas of business.