Science & Technology

Insect Control – ideas from the unexpected

Ian Whelan
1st November 2017, 7:15pm

Over the past 10 years Ian has worked with one of the world’s leading teams specialising in the control of insects that have become resistant to traditional insecticides and has helped to build and grow a unique specialist research laboratory in Cambridge.

This lecture will cover the invention and route to market of several new concepts in human, veterinary and general pest control areas but more importantly give a unique insight into the creation of some of Europe’s biggest insect control brands from some of the most unexpected of places.

Product breakthroughs have been developed for human lice, fleas, poultry red mite, bed bugs and mosquitoes. The lecture will cover the innovation steps from idea to market and the creation of new EU law to allow the marketing of a new insecticide-free method of insect control.

Ian will also cover the findings of his Winston Churchill Fellowship and potential future issues that will arise in a world of insects.


About the Speaker

Ian has over 30 years experience of product development in the pharmaceutical, FMCG, Biocides and Insecticides industry, and he is a Fellow of four Royal Societies including Entomology and Public Health.

He has a history of delivering breakthrough, disruptive, award winning products and in 2015 he was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to research new potential insect control ideas.


Menu for Supper

Lancashire hotpot with crusty bread and pickled red cabbage or mushroom and stilton pasta (v)

Chocolate fudge cake or fresh fruit salad

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