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"I heard the news today...and thought..."

Professor Seamus Simpson
Wednesday, 2 February 2022 - 6:30pm


Please note: this will now be taking place as an online-only event

*Online event*

In this era of ‘fake news’, what is the role of the press and journalism in helping to form a society where evidence is valued above opinion?  How can journalism and reporting help society to engage with news that is significant rather than salacious?

Vaccines, climate change, 5G technology and the migrant crisis have all provoked a storm of responses: how might socially responsible media convey the real issues?  Do stories help us to engage with the real issues rather than hard data or bleak evidence, and how can the best narratives be developed?  Can journalism counter some of the more harmful effects of social media in proliferation of false anecdotes, or conflation of events to imply cause and effect? How can the complex language of experts in science, in diplomacy and economics be translated into news to take in as we eat our breakfasts?

This online event featuring Beth Hewitt, Philo Holland and Professor Seamus Simpson from the University of Salford will focus on the challenges of media responsibility and its role in helping us navigate the future, from the stuff we buy and the way that we live to the way that we vote.  It’s for everyone who wonders about how we can have a news feed that we can trust.


About the speakers

Our introduction to the event from Salford University will be by Beth Hewitt, Creative Director for School of Arts, Media and Creative Technology at the University, with responsibility for leading industry engagement and enterprise.  With a background working in television for many years across documentaries and factual programming, Beth went onto become Director of Recruitment for the School and she led the development and writing of several programmes including the MA in Children's Media Production, MA and BA in Digital Video Production and Marketing, BA Editing and Postproduction and BA in Film, Stage and TV Set Design.

Philo Holland is a senior journalist at BBC Radio 5 Live and lecturer in Journalism at the University of Salford. Philo has been a radio news editor at the BBC for many years, producing live news programmes and content for BBC Radio 5 Live.   He's won 3 Sony Gold and 2 Nick Clarke  Awards for his radio journalism, and has covered many of the biggest stories of the last 25 years, from wars & terrorism to General Elections and the Olympic Games. Philo has been an educator for the past 14 years, lecturing in broadcast and multi-media journalism and is an experienced presenter and speaker on issues affecting the media.

Seamus Simpson is Professor of Media Policy in the School of Arts and Media at the University of Salford; his research interests are in European and global communications policy.  He has held positions with British, European and global reach, for instance in evaluating the pan-European Communications register.  He is a Senior Editor of the Oxford Research Encyclopaedia of Communication (Oxford University Press) and a member of the Economic and Social Research Council's Peer Review College and the Academic Management Committee of the AHRC North West Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership.  He leads the Research Group of the Communication, Cultural and Media Research Group at Salford.

Event image: Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash


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