Good Enough Life – We Invented the Weekend

Professor Daniel Miller interviewed by Dr Sheila McCormick

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This is a past event
Date and time
16 June 2024
1.00 - 1.40 pm

Talks Stage on The Lawn

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What did anthropologist Daniel Miller discover about the role community and place plays in making our lives more fulfilling when he spent time living in a small Irish town?

Dr Sheila McCormick interviews Daniel to explore his findings, and encourage us to reflect on the idea of living a ‘good enough’ life. Professor Daniel Miller’s latest book Good Enough Life tackles the age-old question: ‘what is the purpose of life?’.

By turning to the ‘ordinary’ lives of people in a small Irish town, Miller explores the ways the smaller things in life can lead to fulfilment. Professor Daniel Miller, in conversation with Dr Sheila McCormick (University of Salford), discusses the inspiration behind the book and his methods in beginning to measure happiness. Together, McCormick and Miller prompt the audience to reflect on what creates fulfilment in their own lives.

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professor daniel miller

Professor Daniel Miller

Daniel Miller is a professor of anthropology at the department of anthropology, University College London. Most of Daniel’s past research has concerned the study of material culture and digital anthropology.  He has carried out fieldwork in Ireland, London, Trinidad, India and several other regions.

Previous books include The Comfort of Things (2008), Stuff (2010), How the World Changed Social Media (with others 2016), The Global Smartphone (with others 2021). He is currently jointly editing books on The Anthropology of Retirement, Digital Anthropology in China, and an Anthropological Approach to mHealth.

dr sheila mccormick

Dr Sheila McCormick

Dr Sheila McCormick is a Senior Lecturer in Performance and Programme Leader of the BA Theatre and Performance Practice at the University of Salford. Having originally trained as a General Nurse, she went on to study acting at the Arden School of Theatre before later completing her PhD at the National University of Ireland, Galway.

Her current research interests include Socially Engaged Practice, Applied Theatre, Documentary Theatre and Irish Theatre. With publications in these areas, she has also developed her research to include interests in performance and health, subjects explored in her 2017 book Applied Theatre: Creative Ageing (published by Bloomsbury, Methuen).

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