Food and climate change

An online seminar about the sustainability of food and our personal choices

greenhouse for the cultivation of salad stock
This is a past event
Date and time
20 February 2023
6.30 pm


About a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions come from food; global emissions average 6 kg CO2e per person per day, ranging from less than 2 kg/day in Africa to 13 kg/day in the US.

Controlling emissions to limit temperature rise cannot be achieved without a very large reduction in food related emissions. This means changes in diets and food production. How might this be done? And what can we do as individuals?

These, and other questions you want to raise, will be considered during this online session.

Our main speakers are Peter Ball (Professor of Operations Management at the University of York) and Beckie Lait (also at the University of York carrying out PhD research with They will respectively explore systems thinking behind UK farming practice (in particular, urban farming) and the carbon footprints of our food choices.

Following their introductions there will be ample time for your questions, suggestions and comments.

Good to know: the meeting will be online using the BlueJeans meetings app, allowing all users to be seen and to join the discussion.

Further reading: Professor Sarah Bridle – who gave an online talk to the Lit & Phil – sets out the problems in her book “Food and Climate Change” – a highly recommended source (and available as a free e-book).

professor peter ball

Professor Peter Ball

Peter Ball is Professor of Operations Management at the University of York. His research focuses on how operations can be designed and improved. Application areas span manufacturing, supply chain and service. Environmental sustainability and resource efficiency feature strongly.

Peter has published this research widely and, as a result, he has co-chaired three international conferences.

rebecca lait

Rebecca Lait

Rebecca Lait is undertaking a PhD with FixOurFood, based in the School for Business and Society at the University of York. Having graduated from her undergraduate and masters degrees in Theoretical Physics, Rebecca is keen to apply her analytical and problem solving skills to FixOurFood projects. She will be researching the impact of low-emission diets on transforming the food system, as well as how they can be made more accessible and attractive to a range of citizens.

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