Arts Section Theatre Group – Queen Margaret

Members Only event
20th September 2018, 12:45pm

Following two successful events during spring 2018, the Arts Section will again be running a theatre-going group in 2018/19. This will be for Lit & Phil members who would like to attend performances together with a pre-performance talk and discussion accompanied by refreshments at the Lit & Phil meeting space in Church House on Deansgate. Not all specific productions and dates have been finalised at this stage but we expect there to be about two visits per term, probably related to Thursday matinée performances at the nearby Royal Exchange Theatre. 

We can announce that the first visit will be to see Queen Margaret, a new play loosely based around Shakespeare’s Henry VI plays, dramatising the Wars of the Roses and seen through the eyes of Margaret of Anjou.

Tickets have been reserved for the 2.30 p.m. matinée on Thursday 20 September. As before, we will meet at Church House around 12.45 p.m. for light refreshments and introductory chats about the play and its historical background with Jim Howell and Tony Jackson. 

We have reserved 30 tickets at Stage and First Gallery Level. Normal price: £37.50. Lit & Phil discounted price: £35 incl. small contribution to refreshments.


Tickets are now fully allocated - Please click here to be put on the waiting list


About the play

Created with original Shakespeare text, Jeanie O’Hare retells the wars of the roses through the eyes of the extraordinary Margaret of Anjou. Elizabeth freestone directs this captivating exploration of an iconic moment of British history, from the viewpoint of this dangerous and thrilling woman.

“This lady excelled all others, as well in beauty and favour, as in wit and policy, and was of stomach more like a man than a woman” (Holinshed chronicles 1577)

Hungry for power and angered by their king, the men of Henry VI’s court plot and scheme against each other. As the king wavers and the factions split, Queen Margaret is determined to hold on to power and protect the crown that will one day belong to her son.