Science & Technology

Artificial Intelligence: Myths and Realities

Professor Gavin Brown
Tuesday, 1 March 2022 - 6:00pm


Artificial Intelligence is arguably one of the hottest technologies on the planet right now.  The very idea touches to the core of our existence as human beings – what role is there for us, if all our abilities can be replaced or upgraded by machines?  As with many technologies, there is a significant degree of media ‘hype’ which distorts the reality for the general public. 

Professor Brown’s lecture will clarify some myths and realities of A.I., as well as highlighting the rapidly changing role of academic versus industry.  It will cover some fundamental issues such as the definition of the word ‘intelligence’, as well as ethical and social concerns such as ‘how should we regulate this technology?’, and where A.I. is already in our lives, without us realising.   Some further questions that he will address include: Can computers think?  What is machine learning?  What is ‘deep’ learning?  And of course, the million-dollar question: Are we on the edge of a robot apocalypse? (spoiler: no)


About the speaker

Gavin Brown is Professor of Machine Learning at The University of Manchester in the Department of Computer Science based in the School of Engineering.  He has conducted research into A.I. and Machine Learning for over 20 years, working in areas such as neural networks and ensemble learning, with applications in the pharmaceutical industries and healthcare.   He is Editor of the recent Oxford University Press book: “How to Get your PhD, A Handbook for the Journey”, leads a team of wonderful Machine Learning PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, and is a keen public speaker.  He is especially proud of several appearances on CBBC, explaining A.I. to children.

Event image: Photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash



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