Memoirs and Proceedings


The Society has published a number of works, including collections of Dalton’s manuscripts and the Manchester Memoirs, which have been published continuously since 1783. At the time of its launch, the Memoirs represented the only regular scientific journal in the United Kingdom except for the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society.

Members receive a yearly copy of the Memoirs, though they are also available for non-members to purchase. A great deal of the original Memoirs have been digitally archived and can be found online:




We also have a printed index of the Memoirs covering 1785 until 1998. 

If you wish to make a visit to view the Memoirs Index or if you have any queries about the Memoirs, please contact the office.


Other publications and artefacts


The Lit & Phil has a small collection of publications and artefacts which constitute the Archives. The Archives are currently stored at a Heritage specialist storage facility in Oxford.

If you wish to view particular items for research, please note that the facility requires at least at least one month notice and an access room needs to be booked too. Please contact the office to make the necessary arrangements.