Who are the Humanitarians now?

Professor Tony Redmond
14th May 2018, 7:00pm
Manchester Conference Centre (Sackville Street)

The word humanitarian has evolved over the years into a shorthand description for good works and those who do them - usually in someone else’s country. Both Mother Theresa and Michael Jackson were described as humanitarians for which they received awards and David Beckham was introduced on Desert Island Discs as “Footballer and Humanitarian”. Drawing on his 30 years of responding to sudden onset disasters and conflicts overseas, Prof. Tony Redmond will explore past and present humanitarian responses and update the audience on the current international approach to humanitarian emergencies, focusing on the efforts that have been made to “professionalise” the medical response in particular, and the establishment and maintenance of standards. “Is any help better than no help” and “what is the best way of helping - goods or money” are some of the questions to which Prof. Redmond will offer answers.


About the Speaker

Anthony (Tony) Redmond qualified in Medicine from the University of Manchester where he also completed his specialist training in Emergency Medicine. In 1995 he was appointed Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Keele and where is now Emeritus Professor of Emergency Medicine.

In 1994 he established UK-Med, an NGO that provides international emergency humanitarian medical assistance and which now hosts the UK International Emergency Trauma, Medical and Public Health Registers.The registers are a national resource funded by the Department for International Development of the UK government that draws together clinicians to form a national surgical/emergency UK Emergency Medical Team response to large scale sudden onset natural disasters. It also coordinates and runs national training courses for this work.  Prof. Redmond has recently retired from his role as CEO of UK-Med to focus on his role as the Chair of the Board of Trustees. He was the first Chair of the Foreign Medical Teams Working Group at WHO Geneva and is now a Lead Mentor for WHO EMT Verification.

He is currently Professor of International Emergency Medicine at the University of Manchester where he co-founded, and is Deputy Director of, the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute.

He is Head of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Emergency Medical Teams and Emergency Capacity Building, based at HCRI, and President of the World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine.


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